Zoy's concert Variations has been postponed until 2022.

Check back later for new dates.


Zoy appeared as Ferro, on Amazing Grace series 1


Zoy and his wife, Elisa Colla, appeared on the latest commercial for Shawood Homes. Click on the link below to view.



Zoy won the 2019 American Australian Association Rising Star Award.  He received the award in NYC, performing Til' I Hear You Sing as part of the ceremony that featured Hugh Jackman and also honoured Simon Baker and Elle Macpherson.


Jesus Christ Superstar

“The stand out performance of the show is Zoy Frangos. Tasked with taking a character who we all innately dislike and providing some justification for his actions, Zoy catapults the action through the first act wracked with torment about betraying his close friend before coming unraveled in an untimely end. His performance in the eleven o’clock number Superstar is a clear highlight of the night.”

- Standing Innovation


“Zoy Frangos is a powerful presence who does bring his own intensity to the role of Boland, the emotionally stunted Marine who cheats to win. He is always believable and his voice sits right in the pocket of the music. It’s an impressive performance.”

- Stage Whispers

Margaret Fulton - Queen of the Dessert

“Margaret finds genuine emotion and serious devotion with her beloved third partner Michael, played sympathetically by Zoy Frangos who shares the moving love duet Beautiful with Lehpamer.”

- The Herald Sun

Next to Normal

“Zoy Frangos, a relative newcomer, impresses as both of Diana’s doctors. They are roles that I have seen caricatured in the past, but Frangos brings empathy and understanding, along with another great voice."

- Stage Whispers